Autumn 2015

Are you finishing your studies? Do you want to do an internship? Do you want to work in your field? The autumn edition of FòrumTIC is here!!!

You can find workshops, job interviews and a lot more during these days, 15th, 16th and 17th of December at Campus Nord. Leader companies in the IT sector will come so you can show them what you are capable of.




The last day for the FòrumTIC is here!

The agenda for today, 17th of December:

  • Workshop Deloitte at 11h in "Sala de Juntas" of FIB.
  • Workshop HP at 16h in "Espai Emprèn" (C6).

We remember enrolled students to bring their FòrumTIC passport so it can be stamped to obtain the half credit.



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