BSC – Bacelona Supercomputing Center

Who we are

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) is the Spanish National Center of Supercomputing. It is managed by a consortium composed of the Spanish Ministry of Economy, the Government of Catalonia and the UPC. By means of MareNostrum, the most powerful computer in Spain and in the TOP 100 worldwide. More than 450 employees, between staff, engineers and scientists from 40 different countries are daily supporting the progress of Science & Technology.

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The mission

The mission of BSC is to research, develop and manage information technologies in order to facilitate scientific progress. BSC combines HPC service provision and R&D into both computer and computational science (life, earth and engineering sciences).
BSC has collaborated with industry since its creation, and participates in various bilateral joint research centers with companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA and Spanish oil company Repsol.

Who we are looking for

Our center is continually growing and we would love to meet all the candidates interested and passionate in Computer Sciences, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Computer Applications in Science & Engineer.

What we offer

Flexible working hours – Medical Assurance – Tickets Restaurant – Ongoing training