Spring Edition


Wednesday 11th of April 2018

Who's coming?

Do you want to know which compaines are coming to this edition? Go to: Participant companies Spring 2018

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Registration is available now. If you want to have an interview with any of the companies that offer the option the same day of the Fòrum TIC you must send your CV here.

To register you need to fill this form and select the companies that you are interested in (it can be more than one).

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The FòrumTIC has two different modalities of participation:

  • Standard modality: this modality consists in one stand for the company at the fair. 
  • Premium modality: this modality consists in one stand  for the company at the fair and one exclusive space for the interviews with students. For this modality the company has to provide an email address for receiving the students’ CV, and selecting students for the interviews.
  • Annual modality (autumn + spring edition): this modality gives access to autumn forum and also to the spring forum’s premium modality.


  • 08:00 -> Stand assembly
  • 09:00 -> Coffee Break
  • 09:30 -> Official Opening
  • 10:00 -> Opening doors to public
  • 14:00 -> Business Lunch (FòrumTIC closed)
  • 15:00 -> Re-Opening doors to public
  • 18:30 -> End of FòrumTIC and stand disassembly.


Additional Information

Participants in the FòrumTIC are usually students from 2nd to 4th year of Informatics Engineering Bachelor, Telecommunications Bachelor and Electronics Bachelor, and also students from Master studies. Students come to forum looking for:

  1. Internships during their period at university.
  2. Job opportunities after their graduation.
  3. Final Degree Projects, Final Master Thesis and PhD programs in-company.
  4. Products and opportunities that companies can offer for their professional career.


Polytechnic University of Catalonia - BarcelonaTech

Campus Nord
C/ Jordi Girona, 1-3, 08034 Barcelona