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Associacions d'estudiants

Associacions de l'ETSETB

The DAT (Delegation of Telecommunication Students) occupies a prominent place. It brings together all the representatives of students of the ETSETB in the different governing bodies of both the school and the UPC.

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A non-exhaustive listing of the associations is as follows:

AESS Estudiants (Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society)

Association that is dedicated to study issues related to technology, electronics and telecommunications. Organize courses and the national competition of robots.



Associació d'Universitaris per a la Cooperació (AUCOOP)

The objective of this association is to carry out projects of cooperation in the third world in the technological field.



Associació de Video Edició Digital (AVED)

Association that approaches the theory and the cinematographic practice to the students of the UPC in collaboration with professionals and young creators.






Board of European Students of Technology (BEST Barcelona)Want to know Europe? Do you like the challenges? Do you want to learn at the same time as practicing English? BEST offers great opportunities to travel, learn and make friends at the same time. Visit us and find out about our courses!



Club Esportiu de Telecos (CET)

Association that is in charge of facilitating that the student can realize any sport, as much of equipment as individual, throughout the course in university competitions.




Club Rugby UPC

Rugby Club UPC aims to promote the practice of Rugby for all students of the UPC, and specifically for telecommunication students.



Delegació d'Alumnes de Telecomunicació (DAT)

The Students' Delegation brings together all the representatives of the ETSETB students in the different governing bodies of both the Center and the UPC. It is responsible for representing and defending the interests of students in the School and the University.



Distorsió - La Revista dels Estudiants de TelecomBCN

Distorsión is the association that is responsible for making the magazine of Telecos students, and probably is the best university magazine in Catalonia. He leaves four times a year, and has a print run of about 400 copies.



Fòrum de les Tecnologies de la Informació i de la Comunicació (ForumTIC)

Association that organizes the Forum of Information Technology and Communication, an event to bring the work and business world closer to the students of the ETSETB and the FIB.



GreyHat UPC

GreyHat UPC: Association related with cybersecurity, computing and hacker culture.





International Associations for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE Telecos Barcelona)

IAESTE is an international organization, the purpose of which is the exchange of university students who wish to obtain technical expertise, referring to their studies, abroad.




Branca d'Estudiants del IEEE Barcelona (IEEE Barcelona) - Revista Buran

Magazine of dissemination and research done by and for students



Linux UPC is the first association of GNU / Linux at the UPC. Its objective is to publicize the best operating system in the environment.


Ràdio Art (Sense web activa)

Association that founded and brings the radio of the university students that is broadcast on the Internet. The intention is to create a new means of communication between all those who are in the university community: students, associations, teachers ...



Sin vergüenza

Sin Vergüenza is a university association of young gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and heterosexual, who, like you and us, seeks a complete insertion in the student community and in society in general.



Taller de So

Association of students of the North Campus of the UPC devoted to the world of audio and technology, especially in its most practical aspect: live music sound.


A.C. Telecogresca

Non-profit association that organizes one of the most important university music festivals in the state: the Telecogresca.
The association is responsible for organizing the contest of emerging groups and djs Engresca't, Telecofarra and Festa de Dia (ETSETB).




In the North Campus you have the Student House (Web not active) where most of the student associations of the North Campus are welcomed.